We have now four TSOM school classes

in Oslo, Drøbak, Østfold, Akershus

and Sunday School in Oslo before Sunday service.


What is TSOM ?

The Timothy School of Ministry is a seminar-based training school under the Discipleship Program of Bishop Victor Del Valle. Bishop Vic is the Senior Minister of the Mount Moriah Ministries in the Philippines and the Living Word Bible Center in Macau, China; Oslo, Norway; and Madrid, Spain.

He is also a bible teacher and has served as speaker in various seminars and other church occasions.

Why the TSOM?

Common to all of Bishop Vic’s ministries is the physical and spiritual growth of the individual congregations. These growths testify of God’s blessings and faithfulness. With growth there is also the urgency to equip homegrown pastors and teachers. While bible colleges and seminaries are within reach, sending the local pastors and teachers for formal training has not been practical. Most of these church workers are either currently employed or they simply cannot make the commitment to do part-time or full-time ministerial studies.

How the TSOM Works ?

The TSOM seminars are brief but comprehensive. The seminar dates are flexible, keeping in mind the unique needs of the individual churches. The key concept that TSOM emphasizes is “Framework.” By “framework” TSOM equips the participant with a strong foundation on each of the courses. It is from this course framework that the participant builds up his/her ministerial skills.

The TSOM Format

1. Seminar Length

A seminar is 6 hours each. It is preferable for the seminar to be conducted in 2 days 3 hours each with a 15 min break in the middle. It is also recommended that the seminar be held on a Friday and Saturday evening from 6pm-9pm. This way the seminars are able to accommodate participants who are only able to get off from work after 5pm.


2. Seminar Block

Seminar classes are done in blocks. A block carries two seminars conducted one after the other in two weekends. This format is especially helpful with participants who are far from the seminar venue and have purposely traveled to stay within the venue vicinity until the conclusion of the seminar block. This not only saves money from having to travel far to attend only one seminar, but it also provides more time of fellowship between seminar participants.


3. Seminar Phases and Certification

A Phase carries 3 blocks. Each phase is preferably completed in one year. Therefore, each year 6 seminars ought to have been conducted. Participants who have completed 1 seminar will receive a Certificate of Attendance. A participant who has completed 1 Phase (i.e. 3 Blocks of 6 seminars for that year) will receive a Certificate of the designated title of the said Phase. For example, Phase 1 of TSOM is the Certificate of Ministerial Foundations. A completion of Phase 2 receives the Certificate of Studies in Theology. A completion of Phase 3 receives a Certificate Special Ministries. Finally, a completion of the 3 Phases receives a Certificate in Pastoral Ministry. These 3 phases of seminar studies can be completed in 3 years with a total of 12 seminars.

4. Seminar Titles, Blocks and Phase Designations

Again, in each of the TSOM phases a participant will need complete 5 required seminars and 1 selective. The attendance and completion of the 3 phases awards the Certificate in Pastoral Ministry. The completion of each phase, however, awards its equivalent certificate.

Phases 1-3

Phase 1: Certificate in Ministerial Foundations

All 6 seminars under this phase are essential subjects needed to equip a participant who engages into a pastoral and teaching ministry. The seminars are as follows:

Block 1

MF 101 How to Study the Bible
MF 102 How to Prepare Sermons and Preach Them

Block 2

MF 201 Survey of the New Testament
MF 202 Survey of the Old Testament

Block 3

MF 301 Evangelism and Missions
MF E1 Elective
E.g. Basics of Pastoral Counseling
Basics of Church Administration

Phase 2: Certificate of Studies In Theology

This phase aims to introduce and orient the participant on the basics of theology. This includes studying how God is presented, not only by the individual books and authors of the bible, but by the bible as one book. This phase will also tackle topics on the Gifts of the Spirit, Church Doctrines and its development in history, and discussions on God’s Plan of Salvation.


Block 1

ST 121 Theology 1 – The God We Worship: Who Is He?
ST 122 Our Church Doctrines: What and Why We Believe Them.

Block 2

ST 221 The Gifts of the Spirit: How Do We Use Them?
ST 222 Salvation: Who Gives It and Who Loses It?

Block 3

ST 321 The Last Days: When and What Should Christians Expect?
ST E2 Elective
E.g. A Study of Cults and Occults
The Principle of Tithing and Giving


Phase 3: Certificate In Special Ministries

This phase further equips the participant with special skills in order to understand, handle and even initiate these unique ministries. This phase also introduces the participant into the calling of Chaplaincy.

Block 1

SM 131 Prison Ministries
SM 132 Hospital Ministries

Block 2

SM 231 Ministry to the Orphans
SM 232 Soup Kitchen Ministry

Block 3

SM 331 Chaplaincy: What Is It and How to Become One?
SM E3 Elective
E.g. How to Conduct a Funeral Service
How to Officiate a Wedding
How To Raise Funds

Scheduling the TSOM Seminars

As we have stated earlier, the TSOM Phases and Blocks are simply suggestions in order to provide a more organized program in the training of potential pastors and leaders of the church. Because the seminars are primarily dependent on the availability of seminar teachers and host churches, the seminars should not be restricted in being taught within the designated Phase and Block designations and sequence. What is important is for the participant to complete the required seminars and number of electives under each phase. The host church will try its best to follow the sequence of seminar phases and blocks in order for the participant to complete the desired certification.

Training Our Timothys

Timothy was the minister of the church in Ephesus. Paul thought of him as a son, and wrote to encourage and advise Timothy. In the middle of his letter, Paul warned Timothy that a time was coming when false teachers would attempt to corrupt the church. Paul told Timothy how to prepare for and handle the situation. His first comment was, “Have nothing to do with godless myths and old wives’ tales; rather, train yourself to be godly. For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.”

1 Timothy 4:7-8

If you read these two verses by themselves, you’d think Paul was giving instructions to pass along to new Christians. However, Paul was talking to Timothy, a Christian leader. Whether we are just starting our life of faith, or now serve as a Christian leader, the first key to protecting our churches is to train ourselves.

The Timothy School of Ministry is designed to answer such a need. The need to equip and train our local homegrown pastors and leaders is fundamental to the success of the church that God has entrusted upon us to care of. So we challenge everyone to get on board with these training. We provide the training, you respond and be equipped.

Include TSOM in your daily prayers. Pray for God’s guidance upon the Bishop Vic and his coworkers. Pray for the seminar teachers. May they give, not only their time and expertise, but also their best to God and the students. Pray likewise for funding. These seminars will need finances to move forward. This funding includes the honorariums which we plan to bless our seminar teachers with. So give as the Lord leads you.
Finally, let us all praise God for His love and blessings. Our ultimate goal is to praise Him and serve Him with all that we’ve got. Indeed, let’s make the MOST of ourselves in serving God.

To God be all glory!

The Timothy School of Ministry (TSOM) and its overall format were prepared by Pastor Nelson Estrada. PNelly (as many fondly call him) is an Associate Professor in Biblical Studies. He earned his Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Studies from the University of Sheffield in England. He also holds a Master of Theology and Master of Arts both in Biblical Studies. He has written books and articles in Biblical Studies. Has taught bible courses and biblical languages at Asian Theological Seminary and seminaries in California, USA and Extension Programs in British Universities. He is also the Pastor of CityLight, the English Ministry of the Chinese Christian Church of Rhode Island, USA. PNelly has conducted seminars in many churches around the world. He is the author of Towards A Faithful Study of the Bible – the current manual used for the Bible Interpretation Seminar.
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